About GPP 2020

In recent years, awareness of green public procurement (GPP) has increased considerably. Tools, guidance and GPP criteria are now widely available in many countries. Yet, the vast majority of public tenders in Europe still do not incorporate effective environmental criteria and do not result in the purchase of sustainable solutions.

GPP 2020 aimed to mainstream low-carbon procurement across Europe through the following activities:

  • Project partners implemented more than 100 low-carbon tenders to achieve a significant amount of CO₂ emission reductions immediately
  • Training and networking events were provided - both for procurers and procurement training providers - on the implementation of energy-related GPP in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain
  • Permanent GPP support structures were created or supported in: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain

Through this, GPP 2020 contributed to the EU’s target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent, increase the share of renewable energy by 20 percent and increase energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2020.  

GPP 2020 was co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme  of the European Commission.

GPP 2020 Success Stories

  • GPP 2020 drove Low-Carbon Procurement Training to the next level, carrying out tailor-made train the trainer seminars successfully and thus strengthening the basis for a future uptake of the topic in vocational training in eight EU countries. “It has been a pleasure participating in the GPP 2020 Train-the-Trainer event. I could use parts of the GPP 2020 Train-the-Trainer content in daily business (execution of tendering procedures) as well as in one of my internal trainings. It was pretty easy to apply the material in practice“ says Mr Petersen from the Facility Management Agency Schleswig-Holstein in Germany.
  • A core part of GPP 2020 was to intensify the cooperation between GPP experts and actual procurers with the aim to further enhance mainstreaming GPP across Europe. “Since 2010, the IFZ offers an information centre for the Austrian Action plan for sustainable public procurement. Since then, we always worked together with the Federal Procurement Agency (FPA) but more on a selective basis. For the project GPP 2020, we intensified our cooperation. We signed an agreement, that we would maintain silence about the information we got in the discussions with FPA unless the FPA agrees on publishing information. For the 11 tender models we spoke and worked together with several FPA procurers and we got much more information and exchange on tenders than we did ever before. We are optimistic that this good cooperation will continue in the future.” – Angelika Tisch, IFZ Graz
  • Please, read more stories in the Final Report available here.

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