Associate partners - public purchasers

The following public purchasers joined GPP 2020 as associate partners:

CroatiaThe Regional Energy Agency North promotes renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.
The Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Croatia gathers small and medium local governments to improve the lives of their citizens.
The Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection aims to develop and improve environmental protection.
The Croatian Chamber of Commerce aims to promote and represent Croatian businesses and to improve the economic cooperation with foreign countries.
The Croatian Association of Public Procurement Specialists is an NGO that focuses on improving procurement processes and sharing knowledge.
FinlandThe Procurement Centre of the City of Helsinki is responsible for central procurement services of the City that includes IT purchases.
ItalyThe Province of Cremona is situated in the Lombardy region in northern Italy. It comprises 115 municipalities with about 365,200 inhabitants.
The Region of Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy and the largest Island in the Mediterranean Sea, with 9 provinces, 390 municipalities and more than 4,995,000 inhabitants.
The Region Liguria is a coastal region in the north-west of Italy. Its capital is Genoa. It is comprised of 4 provinces and has a population of circa 1,500,000.
Lazio Region is the third most populated region and has the second largest economy of Italy. Read more about the GPP agenda here (in Italian).
Veneto Region is a territorial institution formed by the area of the Provinces of Belluno, Padova, Rovigo, Treviso, Venezia, Verona e Vicenza.

The Region aims to spread and promote information and knowledge about Green Public Procurement and at the same time intends to support the development of specific actions devoted to attain sustainable development policies.

The Municipality of Padua is the capital of the Region Padua in Italy. Padua will look into the tendering of heating recovery systems and services to reduce energy consumption.
The Autonomous Region of Sardinia will look into low carbon ICT procurement.
Coordinamento Agenda 21 is the Italian Association for the Local Agenda 21.
Agency for the Processes and the Supervision of Public Construction, Services and Delivery Procurement (ACP/AOV) for Bolzano Region
NetherlandsThe Dutch Procurement Office is part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.
PortugalThe Intermunicipal Community of Medio Tejo was established in 2008 and comprises eleven municipalities.
The Intermunicipal Community of Pinhal Litoral is composed of five municipalities situated in western Portugal.
The Municipal Council of Agueda represents about 49,500 inhabitants living in the main city of Agueda and 20 neighbouring parishes.
The Municipal Council of Alvito represents two parishes in the Beja District of Southern Portugal. The population amounts to approximately 2,700.
The Municipal Council of Arcos de Valdevez is situated in northern Portugal. It has a total of about 24,400 inhabitants.
The Municipal Council of Faro covers six parishes in the very south of Portugal. Faro has about 64,000 inhabitants.
The Municipal Council of Loures represents the urban agglomeration of the city of Loures with a resident population of 66,200. It is located in the region of Greater Lisbon.
The Municipal Council of Moura represents 16,400 inhabitants living in eight parishes in the south-east of Portugal.
The Municipal Council of Ovar comprises eight parishes in the north-west of Portugal. Ovar’s population amounts to approximately 17,800.
The Municipal Council of Paredes represents 85,400 residents of 24 parishes. Paredes is located in the Porto District in northern Portugal.
The Municipal Council of Povoa de Lanhosos comprises 29 parishes with a total of 23,600 inhabitants. It is situated in the far north of Portugal.
The Municipal Council of Torres Vedras represents 75,500 residents. The municipality of Torres Vedras is located in the region of Centro, north of the Portuguese Lisbon.
The Municipal Council of Vila Real de Santo Antonio comprises 3 parishes located in the Algarve in the south-eastern corner of Portugal. It has 19,100 inhabitants.
Gebalis - Gestão do Arrendamento Social em Bairros Municipais de Lisboa - is the social housing association of the City of Lisbon.
SloveniaThe Municipality of Maribor represents the second largest city in Slovenia. Located in the Lower Styria Region, it is home to around 115,000 inhabitants.
The Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia (SOS) represents 173 members from 210 municipalities in Slovenia.
Council of Local Environmental Initiatives of the Region of Girona (CILMA)

The Catalan Central Supply Commission acts as the central purchasing body for Catalonia.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Institutional Relations and Participation is in charge of home affairs in Catalonia.
The Economic Development Agency of the Province of Lleida in Catalunya (PROMECO) is in charge of enabling provincial municipalities to buy energy efficient goods and services.
Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)

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