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12 April 2016

A workshop on the procurement of organic food. This event brought together practitioners and legal experts to exchange experiences and present best practice examples on the procurement of organic food. Discussions included presentation of good practices; ideas to improve the supply of organic foods; recommendations for the renewal of Annex 2: Basic and additional environmental requirements for food, beverages, agricultural products for food and catering services.

For more information, download the programme (in Slovenian). The results are summarised here (in English).

Catalan Networking Event (Barcelona)

3 March 2016

The second Catalan networking event uin Barcelona brought procurers together to learn from each other's experiences in implementing low carbon tenders. The aim was to promote future collaboration between organisations and work to extend the collective ambition of all participants in the field of sustainable procurement.

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Utrecht (Netherlands)

22 November 2015

Community of Practice

Organised by Duurzaam GWW

Utrecht (Netherlands)

22 September 2015

Community of Practice on waste water disposal systems.

This session will take a full day with a morning session on waste water disposal systems, and an afternoon session on individual tender support.

Organised by Duurzaam GWW

Zagreb (Croatia)


Energy Week, 13 May 2014

Roundtable on "Green public procurement in support of EU 2020 goals" with a focus on the use of standards in technical specification, life cycle cost analysis, low-carbon strategies in Croatia, green market  and green companies.

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National Networking Day, 1 October 2014

The first Italian national networking event took place on 1st October 2014 in Rome at the Acquario Romano-Casa dell’Architettura, hosted by the International Forum of Green Procurement CompraVerde-BuyGreen. Main scope of the event was the exchange of good practices for low carbon procurement policies and low carbon procurement tenders.

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Utrecht (Netherlands)

National Networking event on Sustainable Infrastructure, 29 September 2014

RVO organized the “Day for Sustainable Infrastructure” a networking seminar for all stakeholders from the public and private sector that are actively involved in the infrastructure sector. The day was build around the Approach for Sustainable Infrastructure. An approach developed to include sustainability in all steps of the realisation of infrastructural works. From the spatial planning phase to the procurement phase until the demolition phase.

The day focused on the continuing implementation of the approach in the operation of all the partners of the Sustainable Infrastructure Partnership.

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21 Jan 2015 at Kavarna Slamič

A national networking event for GPP 2020 in Slovenia organised by GPP 2020 partner Umanotera.

The main aim of the event was to verify what the status of GPP in Slovenia is and what improvements could be achieved.

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14 May 2015

The second Italian national networking event, organised  by the national support structure Ecosistemi, will be hosted by the Municipality of Padova on 14 May 2015.

The event aims at stimulating the exchange of good practices already realized and to identify those experiences starting at national level that could benefit from the dialogue with experts and with public procurers from other authorities.

The event will be particularly useful for:

  • local authorities that have adhered to the Covenant of Mayors and can use green public procurement to  established CO2 objectives;
  • regional administrations and purchasing agencies that want to make their procurement more efficient from the economic and environmental point of view;
  • public authorities interested to share experiences and of low carbon procurement in the following sectors: construction works, food and catering, cleaning services and products, datacenters and IT, building energy services.

A full productive and proactive day is ahead of us: see the full programme.




Catalonia Networking Event, 11 June 2015

The first GPP2020 Networking event in Catalonia (Spain), an event to exchange on low carbon procurement between procurers from all levels of Catalan authorities (from central to regional and local).

The objectives of the event were to: 1) Know, first-hand, how other procurers conducted low-carbon tenders and what results they achieved; 2) Exchange between peers experiences, doubts and solutions; and 3) Create a community of practitioners interested in further implement efficient and green public procurement.

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