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GPP 2020 e-News | September 2014

Welcome to the third issue of the GPP 2020 bi-annual e-newsletter. We hope you had an excellent summer!

The GPP 2020 project used the last couple of months to add even more tender models to the database and of course increase carbon savings. We have already saved CO2 emissions equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 5,000 households! But first and foremost we want to reach out and connect with as many fellow minds as possible. So check out our upcoming events and trainings!
Below you can read about the latest developments in GPP 2020 and new publications helping you to make green public procurement energy efficient and climate friendly.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to interested colleagues and connect with us on twitter using #GPP2020.


    1. Tender database: eight new case studies published
    2. Low carbon road infrastructure procurement in the Netherlands
    3. New associate partners join GPP 2020
    4. Support for mainstreaming GPP in your region
    5. Upcoming low carbon procurement training
    6. New guidance for energy efficient procurement available
    7. Events

Tender database: eight new case studies published 

A core goal within the GPP 2020 project is to tender and contract low carbon products, works and services. Through these tenders CO2 emissions are reduced and a more energy efficient economy is encouraged.

In order to achieve long term sustainability, the tenders need to be replicable for other local authorities interested in making their procurement greener. Therefore each tender issued by one of the GPP 2020 partners is documented as a tender model using a case study format. Furthermore, these tender models are easily accessible through our searchable tender database. Eight new tenders have been published and many more are to come:

Our approach to low carbon tenders as well as to training and support activities are explained in our first annual monitoring report.

Low carbon road infrastructure procurement in the Netherlandscopyright Rijkswaterstaat

The renovation of the driveway and replacement of the bridge over the Drongelens Channel, located in Highway A59 near Eindhoven in the Netherlands tendered by GPP 2020 partner Rijkswaterstaat has been developed considering the carbon emissions of the construction work and its materials throughout their lifetime.

A reference design of the renovation was developed beforehand in order to estimate the emission of carbon dioxide related to this civil engineering work. According to this reference design, overall emissions of 4,110 t CO2 over the life time of 50 years were calculated. The winning tenderer offered a design that reduced the carbon dioxide emission by 1,096 t over 50 years compared to the reference design. This reduction will be achieved during the three phases of the life time of the structure: during the construction 517 t CO2 will be reduced, mainly due to the application of a more efficient use of materials and also due to the application of more environmental friendly materials. A reduction of 464 t CO2 will be achieved during the maintenance period of 50 years, mainly due to the application of a top layer on the road with a much longer life time (16 instead of eight years). Finally the demolishing of the civil construction is foreseen to be performed more efficiently yielding a reduction of 115 t CO2. The winning bidding price was € 11,440,000. Construction will start in summer 2014 and the works will be finalised in spring 2016.

More details about this example will soon be available in the GPP 2020 tender database.

New associate partners join GPP 2020

Since our last newsletter three new associate partners have joined the GPP 2020 movement. The GPP 2020 project consortium will support them in their low carbon tendering and help them gain visibility. We welcome: 

GPP 2020 already has 27 associate partners which are involved in the project activities. Public purchasers and procurement training providers can become associate partners. Purchasing organisations commit to implementing low-carbon tenders for which they can benefit from free assistance from the GPP 2020 consortium. Associate procurement training providers can gain visibility by carrying out capacity building activities on low-carbon procurement, for instance by giving trainings.

For more information, visit the associate partners page or contact us at info@gpp2020.eu.

Supporting mainstreaming of GPP in your region

Market analysis services in Italy, a new help desk tailored for local governments in the Netherlands or taking part in the Catalan GPP network? GPP 2020 partners and associates receive support from national expert organisations for implementing low-carbon procurement.

Selected support activities are also available to non-project partners. Procurement experts from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain offer their advice on national procurement rules and regulations for GPP. Take a look at the national support activities in your country to find out what is available for you.

Upcoming low carbon procurement training

GPP 2020 has already completed 12 trainings for procurers and train the trainer workshops in Europe. The training material for these has been tailored towards the needs of each individual public or regional authority. On our website you have access to event documentation from all previous GPP 2020 events, including their main outcomes.

The project will offer many more such events. If you are interested in attending you can find all upcoming trainings in our events calendar. Are none of the events in your country? Why not join one of our webinars and interact with the GPP 2020 community online. Registration is open for the next webinar on Systems Engineering and Functional Sepcifications, 18 September, 10.00 (CET).

New guidance for energy efficient procurement available

Guidance for public procurement of innovation

To reduce the existing knowledge gap on public procurement of innovation (PPI), the EU-funded Public Procurement of Innovation Platform project has launched a comprehensive guide. The Guidance for Public Authorities on Public Procurement of Innovation offers explanations of procedures, definitions and answers to common questions, a selection of case studies, and useful resources for further reading. Particular emphasis is placed on the latest EU procurement directives, as well as ways in which procurement procedures can facilitate greater innovation.

Guidance for procuring clean and efficient road vehicles

The Clean Fleets project published a guide on the clean and efficient procurement of vehicles. Vehicles are a major contributor to carbon emissions as the savings from the GPP 2020 vehicle tender models show. The guide Procuring Clean and Efficient Road Vehicles is designed to assist public authorities and public transport operators in purchasing clean and energy efficient vehicles in full compliance with European legislation – in particular the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD) 4. It is primarily targeted at procurers and fleet managers, but will also be of relevance to policy makers and others involved in the transport sector.



24-26 September 2014
Ghent | Belgium
EcoProcura 2014 Sustainability, innovation and cost efficiency: taking procurement forward

The EcoProcura 2014 conference is targeted to procurers from all levels of government, policy-makers, business, suppliers, manufacturers, multipliers and representatives from the European Commission and European Parliament, the conference will have the theme of examining sustainable public procurement from the perspective of cost-efficiency.

GPP 2020 will present its achievements at a market lounge table on 25 Sep. Were are looking forward to meeting you there.

More information: www.ecoprocura.eu/ghent2014/

29 September 2014
GPP 2020 National Networking event on Sustainable Infrastructure

This is a networking event focusing on sustainable infrastructure. Stakeholders from the public and private sector will meet to discuss RVO's approach towards sustainable infrastructure, low carbon procurement and share their own best practices.

More information: duurzaamgww.nl/index.php/agendaitems/29-september-2014-dag-van-duurzaam-gww/


1 October 2014
Rome | Italy
Forum CompraVerde-BuyGreen

CompraVerde-BuyGreen is an international forum dedicated to projects and initiatives from the public and private sector using and supporting green procurement.

GPP 2020 partner Ecosistemi will present the project's achievements in one of the 10 workshops.

More information: www.forumcompraverde.it/index.php/it/levento


You can find all upcoming GPP 2020 events in our events calendar!