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GPP 2020 e-News | February 2016

Welcome to the sixth and final issue of the GPP 2020 e-newsletter. We can’t quite believe it but the GPP 2020 project will be ending in April. In the last three years we had the pleasure of working with dedicated partners who were willing to go the extra mile. We have already saved over 350,000 tonnes of CO2 and more savings are added every week. To be mentioned as a best practice at the COP21 in Paris was the cherry on top of our carbon savings sundae!

The end of the project does however not mean the end of low carbon procurement. In fact we are working with the SPP Regions project to continue saving carbon through smart procurement.

We hope to meet you at our final networking event on 19 April in Brussels! You can continue to connect with us on twitter using #GPP2020.


    1. GPP 2020 networking event in Brussels, 19 April
    2. Tender database: 30 new case studies published
    3. Rome mainstreams low carbon procurement practices
    4. Publication: How to address energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in Service Contracts
    5. Updated training materials
    6. Watch video tutorials for the GPP 2020 calculators
    7. A look back:GPP 2020 in Barcelona
    8. Upcoming events

GPP 2020 networking event in Brussels, 19 April

The conference Low-Carbon Procurement in Practice will showcase the impact of the GPP 2020 project and give an insight into the methodology and approach used by GPP 2020 project partners. 

The conference will take place in Espai Catalunya Europa in Brussels. Participants will be able to:

  • see how low-carbon procurement works in practice
  • engage with the GPP 2020 purchasing bodies on their real tender experiences having saved hundred-thousands tons of CO2
  • learn from the GPP 2020 national support partners about long lasting, successful support structures for the further implementation and mainstreaming of GPP in Member States

Have a look at the programme for more information and sign up using the registration form

Tender database: 30 new case studies published

A core goal in the GPP 2020 project is to tender and contract low carbon products, services and works. Through these tenders CO2 emissions are reduced and a more energy efficient economy is encouraged.

In order to achieve long term sustainability, the tenders need to be replicable for other local authorities interested in making their procurement greener. Therefore each tender issued by one of the GPP 2020 partners is documented as a tender model using a case study format. Furthermore, these tender models are easily accessible through our searchable tender database. 30 new tenders have been published since the last newsletter with still more to come:

Our approach to low carbon tenders and to training and support activities are explained in our second annual monitoring report.

Rome mainstreames low carbon procurement practices 

Price list for green public works
In Italy public works are estimated on the basis of regional price lists. The Metropolitan City of Rome, in response to the challenges of lack of information on local market readiness and costs when introducing environmental criteria into public works tenders, carried out a detailed analysis on the availability of low environmental impact construction materials at national and regional level.

The Metropolitan City approved a new price list based on the results of this analysis to be adopted as reference for public works. The price list was published online, on the institutional web site, and disseminated trough workshops both at internal and local level. 
For information, please visit our web site: www.pattodeisindaci.provincia.roma.it/pagina112_gpp-2020.html

A new GPP monitoring system
The GPP Action Plan of the Province of Rome was approved in 2009. After the first period of implementation, the Action Plan was updated in 2014 and extended to new product categories. GPP progress and results were monitored every two years (2009/2010, 2011/2012, 2013/2014). In 2016, the Metropolitan City of Rome has introduced a new GPP monitoring system that will allow for a punctual assessment on the achievement of GPP objectives and for the collection of basic info for monitoring CO2 savings also in the future, after the project end.

The Metropolitan City of Rome is the first public authority in Italy to introduce this innovative monitoring system which is linked to the public procurement electronic information system. It will allow to elaborate and publish data according to different criteria such as date, product categories, purchasing departments and volume of the contracts.

Publication: How to address energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in Service Contracts

CO2 reduction in services procurement has received significantly less attention than that in the procurement of goods and works. However, with the increasing trend to contracting out services to private companies, this procurement sector is becoming ever more significant.

This GPP 2020 brochure on how to promote CO2 reduction in service procurement collects ideas emerged during the project and the results of the project webinars on services. It highlights good practice examples and new ideas from across Europe (e.g. incentivisation, energy performance contracting, setting minimum standards, monitoring performance, etc.).

Download the brochure.

Updated training materials 

The GPP 2020 consortium has updated the training materials for the implementation of low carbon procurement for public procurers and for trainers who wish to act as multipliers. These training packages are available in all eight project languages (German, Dutch, Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish, Catalan and Italian) and are tailor-made for each country. They specifically relate to local political and administrative conditions and offer answers to frequent doubts and problems which result from them.

The training materials are available online for free in pdf format. However if users wish to alter and individualise these materials they can write to info@gpp2020.eu for editable versions. More information about the terms of use of the training packages can be found on the website.

Watch video tutorials for the GPP 2020 Calculators

A series of videos have been produced to guide users through the GPP 2020 carbon and energy calculators, a collection of excel tools which help procurers and decision-makers to measure the energy and carbon emissions saved by opting for a low-carbon tender rather than a standard tender.

Calculators are available for four product groups: Energy Contracting, Office ICT, Street Lighting, and Vehicles Calculators. Each video shows the tool being used to calculate savings in real-time, with a clear voice over explaining the process. The tool works by calculating an estimated saving against a standard tender for each product, thereby providing a clear idea of the impact of including low-carbon criteria in the tender.

The tool’s methodology draws on existing calculation tools and takes into account the product or services’ environmental product declaration, using this information to calculate life-cycle costs. The country context is also taken into consideration.

For more information, visit the Measuring Savings page.

A look back: GPP 2020 in Barcelona

Public procurers from across Europe gathered at the 2015 Procura+ Seminar in Barcelona (Spain) in November to learn from the city’s experiences of using sustainable procurement to reduce its ecological footprint and improve citizens’ quality of life. Organised by ICLEI, the seminar is an annual event that, through practical workshops and facilitated discussions, offers inspiring examples of sustainable and innovative procurement.

“By bringing procurers from all regions of Europe together, the Procura+ Seminar provides an excellent environment for exchange and learning. Barcelona is the ideal host city, having used their purchasing power to drive a shift towards sustainability. It is my hope that the procurers in attendance go away with a greater sense of the benefits that smart procurement choices can bring,” said Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director with ICLEI Europe. "Responsible public procurement is a very important part of Barcelona's broader approach to sustainability," added Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Urban Planning and Mobility.

Similar to many cities in Europe, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving social conditions are priorities for Barcelona. Procurement is a key tool in this mission, as it enables the city to set ambitious environmental targets and encourage innovative thinking to address social challenges. Barcelona is an integral member of the Procura+ campaign, working closely with ICLEI and other local authorities to create a European movement for sustainable public procurement. This work has led to a number of impressive results. A recent example includes a 48 month contract for the rental of 198 electric scooters by the Barcelona City Police, which is currently being rolled out as part of the GPP 2020 project. By 2018, over 80 tonnes of CO2 will have been saved through this one contract alone.

For more information, visit the seminar website.


Upcoming events

19 April 2016
Brussels | Belgium
Low-Carbon Procurement in Practice

The conference Low-Carbon Procurement in Practice will showcase the impact of the GPP 2020 project and give an insight into the methodology and approach used by GPP 2020 partners.

Have a look at the programme for more information and sign up for free using the registration form

20-22 April 2016
Amsterdam | Netherlands
Circular Procurement: the next step

From 20-22 April 2016 the Dutch Government, Rijkswaterstaat, will host an international congress named 'Circular Procurement: the next step' in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). The congress will bring together policy makers and practitioners from all levels within the public sector with suppliers and representatives from around the world. Participation in the event is free.

For more information, contact info@circularprocurementevent.com

27-29 April 2016
Bilbao | Spain
8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns

The 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns is the flagship conference on local sustainable development in Europe. The conference will demonstrate the urgent need for actions by local governments in shaping Europe’s future and will allow participants to capitalise on the positive momentum for transforming cities into truly sustainable areas. The Sustainable Development Goals and the results of COP 21 in Paris (France) will be reflected in the discussions, as well as the emerging Urban Agenda for Europe and the upcoming UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development HABITAT III.

For more information, contact Basque2016@iclei.org and follow #Basque2016 on Twitter.


You can find all upcoming GPP 2020 events in our events calendar!